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What to expect at your Bushcraft Party

Each party is led by our highly experienced bush craft and survival expert alongside his team of super enthusiastic outdoor activity instructors.  

Parties are located in the wooded area in front of Upton House. The site has its own coppice that doubles up as the Bush Craft /Survival Training area.

Our Bushcraft Parties are ideal for children aged between 6 - 18. Each party includes instruction in:

Friction fire lighting
Shelter/den building
Trapping (Complete package only)
Game preparation - Gutting and filleting Fish, plucking and preparing birds for eating (Complete package only)
Campfire cooking - Children will try the fish and birds prepared (Complete package only)
Wild bread
Marshmallows and S'mores
Refreshments are provided

Please visit our party packages page to see our bushcraft party packages and prices.


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