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What to expect at your Nerf Attack Party

Nerf Attack gives a unique style of party including fully led Nerf Battles in our amazing outdoor Nerf Arena, as well as access to our awesome camp area to eat and drink. Each party is led by a highly experienced bush craft and survival expert alongside a team of super enthusiastic outdoor activity instructors.  

Parties are located at Upton County Park, in the woodland area next to the main lawn area, in front of Upton House. 

When they arrive, children attends a quick safety briefing, play a team building game (Stealth) to warm up and then each child is handed a Nerf gun, Nerf vest and safety glasses, that is theirs to keep for the duration of the party. They will then be taken through some basic training.


From that moment on, they will become elite Nerf soldiers undertaking a vast array of special missions.

These missions include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Nerf tag

  • Run the gauntlet

  • Capture the flag

  • Free the Prime Minister

  • Beat the bomb

  • The Hunger Games/Fortnight.

  • They will also need to earn their lunch by completing our very own assault course.


Your children will have so much fun with our carefully designed adventurous activities.  Whilst the technical world is growing, Nerf Attack brings them back to basics enjoying some good old fashioned outdoor fun and games.

Go to our party packages page and book your party online using paypal, or contact us to be sent a booking form

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